Hungry? Just take a walk outside. Nature is a grocery store! It's actually better because it's free and foraging requires no energy inputs (except for the minimal energy expending walking around and preparing the food). I have identified around 30 edible plants within a 20 minute walk from my house and posted pictures, parts edible, season and habitat.

Picture Name Part edible Habitat Season
Smilax vegetative shoot woods spring, summer
Amaranth leaf fields spring, summer, fall
Sonchus leaf fields spring
Bull thistle flower, leaf fields spring
Florida betony tuber fields summer, fall
Spanish needle leaf fields spring, summer, fall
 Muscadine grape berry woods fall
Blackberry berry, leaf fields spring
Caesar weed leaf (cooked) woods summer, fall
Oak nut (soaked) woods fall
Wood sorrel leaf fields year round
Usnea lichen all parts woods  
Cladonia lichen all parts (soaked) woods  
Elderberry berry (not the seed) woods, wetlands  
Pokewood (controversial) young plant (cooked) fields spring
Mushrooms all parts (cooked) woods year round
Saw palmetto berry, heart, shoot woods year round
Spiderwort all parts fields spring
Pickerelweed all parts? wetlands  
Dandelion all parts fields spring, summer
Wild violets all parts woods  
Yucca flowers fields spring
Opuntia cactus pad, fruit fields year round
Pennywort all parts wetlands year round
Crepis all parts (cooked) fields  
Passion flower fruit woods, fields summer
Blueberry berry woods spring
Beautyberry berry fields  
Lambsquarters leaf fields  
Purslane leaf fields  
Persimmon fruit fields  
Skunkvine leaf (cooked) fields, woods  

Check out for more info on Florida foraging.