This is a growing collection of edible, medicinal, multifunctional, and useful plants similar to the Plants for a Future database but focusing on species suitable to subtropical Florida.

Titlesort icon Common name
Apios americana Groundnut
Azolla caroliniana Mosquito fern
Basella alba Climbing Spinach, Indian Spinach, Malabar Spinach
Cajanus cajan Pigeon pea
Carissa macrocarpa Natal Plum
Coriandrum sativum cilantro
Crataegus aestivalis Eastern Mayhaw, May Hawthorn
Diospyros virginiana American persimmon
Elaeagnus multiflora Goumi
Melissa Officinalis Lemon Balm
Morus rubra Mulberry
Myrica cerifera Wax Myrtle