Getting the timing down of when to plant what is a crucial part of growing food that new gardeners often struggle with. This is further complicated by our unique seasons in Florida, which differ from the traditional temperate climates usually mentioned in gardening literature. However, if timed right in addition to building good soil, we can be blessed with year round harvests from annual crops in Florida, especially if incorporating tropical annuals during our sweltering summer season.

Please note that these dates are not rigid. Many annuals can be planted at different times, but will do best when planted according to the chart below. This schedule was adapted from the Barefoot Garderners website. Please leave a comment if you know of any additional annual crops.

Cool Season: Oct.-Feb. Warm Season:  Mar.-May, Aug.-Oct. Hot Season: May-Aug.
Beets Beans (snap, pole, lima) Calabaza
Broccoli Corn Okra
Carrots Cucumbers Vigna (cowpea, yard long, azuki, mung, black-eyed)
Cabbage Eggplant Potatoes, sweet
Cauliflower Okra Seminole pumpkin
Celery Peas, southern Tomatoes, cherry
Chinese greens (choy) Peppers Lagos spinach
Collards Potatoes Pigeon pea
Kohlrabi Squash (summer and winter) Jicama
Lettuce Tomatoes New Zealand spinach
Mustard Melons Tindora
Onions Malabar spinach Winged bean
Garlic Peanuts Taro
Peas, English Arugula Chinese yams
Potatoes Mizuna Lagos spinach/Quail grass
Radishes Soybean Chaya
Strawberries Arracacha Molokhia
Turnips Yacon  
Fennel Sunchoke  
Nasturtium Ginger  
Basil Papaya  
Dill Kenaf